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Imagine going to the trouble and expense of preparing your home to be listed on the traditional real estate market only to “almost” sell it. In the real estate world, a failed closing can be devastating for both buyer and seller. However, the seller has the most to lose in the situation.

Below, are some of the most common problems that occur at closing.


One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced home sellers do is not put any time and effort into preparing their home for sale. When a real estate agent sets up a showing of your home to prospective buyers, your home needs to be in pristine shape. Sometimes even a worn out “Welcome” mat gives the wrong impression before buyers even step foot into your home. An unmaintained yard and damaged front porch can leave the impression that the inside will be just as bad.

You don’t want flaws or imperfections to reduce the chances of your home selling quickly on the...


Selling a home isn’t as easy as most people think. Home sellers often run into unexpected expenses through the real estate closing process. Namely, the home repairs. Once a home inspection is completed, the home inspector sends the seller a list of items that need to be fixed before they can close on the house.

The most common repairs needed can be the most expensive. Below is a list of possible home inspection and repair costs you could run into along the way.

If you’re selling an older home on the traditional real estate...


For some years now, banks are known to perform appraisals on properties, they perform appraisals to help determine what loan collateral could be worth if it comes to the worst. In other words, no bank would like to get stuck with a property worth just $100,000 while they lent the borrower over a million dollars for, no home buyer would either want to be found in such case. A buyer might have offered $880,000 for a property while the true worth of that property is just $845,000. The bank gets to the losing side if there is a default on your payments. Appraisals are used by banks to make...