Selling a House in Charleston That Needs Repairs

Wondering what the best way to sell your Charleston house in need of repairs is? You have a few options. In some instances, such as when repairs will be expensive and you need money sooner rather than later, working with a home buying company like Trademark Homebuyers makes the most sense. Contact us to learn more about that solution, or read on to discover how to sell your Charleston house if it requires major repairs.

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#1: Try Selling “As-Is”

When you are putting a house that needs repairs on the market, when you don’t want to put up the money to get it fixed up beforehand, you are opting to sell it “as-is”. This path can potentially save you a lot of money and time, while also protecting you from legal recourse as long as a buyer is aware of the issues up front.

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#2: Touch Up, Then List

Another relatively inexpensive way to sell your Charleston house that needs repairs is to give it a bit of a cosmetic makeover on the things that aren’t too expensive but can make a positive impact on the curb appeal and that underline the potential of the house. If your home is in wide disrepair, however, selling it as-is may still be your best option.

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#3: Invest in Full Repairs

If you are committed to selling it for its full market value, it may make sense to invest in a full repair. Be realistic about your estimates on value boosting, and be sure to talk to multiple different repair companies to find the lowest price for getting the repairs done properly. If you need help calculating and considering the details of your repairs, your local Charleston direct buyers at Trademark Homebuyers are happy to give you advice.

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#4: Sell Your Charleston Home to a Cash Buying Company

Trademark Homebuyers offers cash upfront for houses, even when they are in severe need of repair. This is the easiest way to sell your house and get paid quickly. We can close in a matter of days and always aim for win-win scenarios when we work with you. If the deal doesn’t make sense to us for you, we will be the first to let you know. To learn more about how Trademark Homebuyers can help, send us a message online or call us at (304)220-0999 today!