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What Are Closing Costs?

No matter if you are buying your first home or looking at short-sell homes, you will have to know about closing costs as part of your home buying experience. We can help you figure out what closing costs you need to be aware of and explain how they work during your sale process. At Trademark Homebuyers, we care about your home buying experience.


There are various kinds of fees that are associated with the home buying process. These are loan origination fees that are part of the processing and underwriting of your loan. There will also be fees associated with the appraisal that was done on your home before the loan was initiated. All of these fees are mandatory and you cannot avoid paying them.


You will have to pay for title insurance as well as homeowner’s insurance as part of your mortgage in most cases. These might be charged annually or broken out over your loan payments throughout the year. You will have to have homeowner’s insurance to get your loan finalized.

Property Tax

These taxes are paid at closing in most cases. They do vary in amount by location. The property was assessed as part of the sale and the taxes that are due are generated in part by the assessed value from your appraisal that is part of your home buying process.

Closing Fees

Closing fees go to the escrow agent who helps you to close on your sale. You might have to pay based on the purchase price of your home or they might be a flat rate for this part of the sale. Even a refinance will have closing costs.

Closing Costs Are Part of Buying a Home

Closing costs are an unavoidable part of financing a home purchase. The only way to avoid most of these fees and costs is to buy a home in cash. You will need to prepare for these costs associated with your home purchase process. At Trademark Home Buyers we can help you to prepare for your closing fees and charges associated with your home buying process.